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Metallic Inkjet Papers

Almost ten years ago, Kodak’s Endura line of metallic photo papers was released.  Since then a lot of inkjet paper manufacturers have come out with their own take on a silver-sheened, almost glittery paper which hints at the reflectivity of shiny metal. Offering a unique vibrancy and contrast, these papers are a natural for cityscapes and advertising work but we’ve also seen them used to produce amazing still lifes and portraits that seem to lift right off the page.

If you’re interested to see if your work will benefit with metallic papers, many manufacturers offer sample packs of their media at a reduced cost–you may want to give one a call. Of course, getting the paper is only half the job–you’ll still need an output profile to ensure you are using the media to its fullest potential.  That’s where ImagePrint can make your life easier–one of the major benefits of the RIP is the availability of excellent media profiles, taking the pain out of experimenting with new papers.

Here’s some of the metallic papers we have already profiled. If you own ImagePrint with one of these printers and want to give one of these papers a spin, just use the Profile Manager utility to grab the profile and you’re all set. (This isn’t necessarily a complete list, and remember–ColorByte will create profiles for free if we don’t already have one for a valid paper.)

Lexjet Sunset Photo Metallic

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/11880/3880/4880/7880/9880/2880/4800/7800/9800/3800

Red River Polar Pearl Metallic

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/11880/3880/4880/7880/9880/2880/4800/7800/9800/3800

Reflections Silver Metallic

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/11880/3880/4880/7880/9880/4800/7800/9800/3800

Inkpress Metallic Gloss

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/3880/4880/7880/9880//4800/7800/9800

Proofline Photo Chrome Metallic

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/11880

Pictorico Pro Opalescent Photo

Epson Stylus: 4900/7900/9900/3880/2880/2400

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  1. July 26, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Can you please recommend which profile to use for Inkpress Metallic satin paper on Epson 7800 using matte black ink and Imageprint7 . You dont appear to have it in your profile library

    • July 27, 2011 at 11:37 am

      Inkpress Metallic Satin is microporous RC paper. It is not compatible with Matte Black ink (the ink could literally be wiped off a print).

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