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ImagePrint offers multiple ways to open images?

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into a particular routine just because that’s the method you learned first, and even something as basic as how images are opened may not be the most efficient for a particular workflow.  ImagePrint offers at least four ways to open images–its a good idea to be  aware of them so you can use the method that makes the most sense for you.

The ImagePrint File Browser

The File Browser (chosen from ImagePrint’s View menu) allows you to see images as thumbnails before opening them.  Simply navigate to your image folders via the browser’s left side to see the folder’s contents on the right.  Click an image’s thumbnail to see more information about it (file size, dimensions and color space) and drag the thumbnail into the ImagePrint layout area to open it. (To select multiple images, hold down control (Windows) or command (Mac) while clicking). 

Since it can take time to build thumbnails, the File Browser is probably best for local (non-networked) folders that contain less than a hundred images.


File/Open   You can also open images into ImagePrint the old fashioned way–simply choose Open from the File menu and navigate to the image(s) via a standard file choice window.  This method is great if you don’t care about viewing thumbnails of all your images and just need to open an image quickly, or if your images are located on a networked folder or one containing hundreds of images.

Just drag it  Another way to open images is simply to drag them from their Mac Finder folder or Windows Explorer folder right into the ImagePrint layout.

Recently used files  The last 5 images you opened are stored under your File menu, allowing you to easily re-open them with one click.

Super secret bonus method: If you have Adobe’s file management application, Bridge, you may want to give it a try with ImagePrint.  Though not officially supported, most people have no problems dragging images straight from Bridge right into the ImagePrint layout.

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