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What is…PTA?

ImagePrint has a lot of tools.  In fact, it has so many tools that unless you’ve read the manual cover to cover (and who wants to do that?) there may be a few you haven’t heard about.  We’ll use this feature to occassionally point out some of the ones you may not be aware of.

PTA (Print through Applications)

We like to think that ImagePrint’s layout area is the easiest way to position and size images for printing that’s yet been invented.  But, while most users prefer to use its powerful layout tools, there are some cases where it may be convenient to print directly from applications without having to save images first and reopen them. Also, if you use an application that doesn’t save JPEG, TIFF or PSD files, it may be impossible to create a file that can be opened right into ImagePrint–at least without first opening and then resaving it in the right format from Photoshop. This is where PTA comes in.  PTA allows you to print right from a Windows or Macintosh application such as Photoshop or Lightroom.  You can choose to send the job right into ImagePrint’s spooler (utilizing ImagePrint’s normal color management and printing features), or you can opt to export the layout right into ImagePrint prior to printing.

Printing through Applications does require that the PTA option be enabled at an additional cost of $200.00. That’s per dongle, not per printer license, so you just need to purchase the PTA option once if you have multiple printers on the same computer. You will need a new ImagePrint encryption to unlock the feature, and it does require some extra installation steps beyond the normal ImagePrint setup.

Printing directly from applications can be very convenient but there are some key differences between printing with PTA and printing directly from ImagePrint.  First and foremost, you lose the ability to utilize ImagePrint’s powerful layout features. (Although of course ImagePrint is still always available at any time.)  Since you’re not using the Imageprint interface, our softproofing is not in effect, and features like step-and-repeat and templates will not be available.  Also, printing multi-page spreads may not work as expected.

Because of these limitations, PTA printing is not for everybody–we usually recommend it for workflows that utilize simple, single image layouts.  But, if you regularly have the need to just open an image and click print, and would like to avoid the extra steps of saving and placing the image in ImagePrint first, PTA may be a great way to get the same printing quality you’re used to in a few less steps.

For more info on PTA, check out chapter 15 of the PDF ImagePrint Users Manual (you can access it from ImagePrint’s Help menu). To order a PTA license, just contact our sales dept. at 813 963-0241.

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  1. August 31, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    We purchased PTA but we never use it because it’s so difficult to use. It’s like imageprint without the interface. Sometimes necessary for unsupported formats (like Adobe Illustrator), but you need to really need it.

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