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ImagePrint 9 Feature Spotlight – The Dashboard and Image Strip

Easier, Smaller, Faster

Improving ease-of-use has been a major focus of ImagePrint 9.0 and from the start we knew that a primary goal had to be streamlining the interface. The truth is, while ImagePrint has an amazing set of features, when it comes to actually making a print only a relatively few settings come into play. But getting to those settings has often meant navigating through several menu choices and opening multiple windows. Did you pick the right printer profile? Is the page size correct? Are you set for Roll? With so many places to go it can be easy to forget something and get an incorrect print as a result. That’s where the Dashboard  comes in.

The Dashboard puts all the features essential to making a print together in one place, organized into an easily accessible and logical menu structure. Gone are the days of wading through sub menus to get to commonly used settings. The menu choices are laid out in a top to bottom format that takes you naturally through all the steps needed to make a print, and the currently selected options are always visible at a glance. The end result? A much less cluttered interface and a greatly reduced likelihood of making a mistake.

We’ve also simplified the printing process itself. Once your images are positioned on the page (and after a quick glance at the Dashboard to confirm your settings) it just takes a single click to send a job to the printer. No more having to go into another window to confirm final selections just to have to click print again.

With fewer windows on the screen the available working space area is naturally increased. But we went a step further. By incorporating folder navigation into the new menus we were able to redesign the file browser into a much more efficient and less obtrusive tool…the new Image Strip.

Just like the File Browser the Image Strip offers thumbnails of your images which can be dragged or double-clicked to place them in the current layout. But the Image Strip sports a much leaner interface and allows docking both vertically or horizontally into the ImagePrint main window. You can also choose to run the Image Strip in non-docked mode and expand it to display more images or change the size of the thumbnails shown. Finally, we’ve added a Favorites tab to store your most frequently accessed folder locations for easy navigation.

Together, these tools represent the biggest ever change to ImagePrint’s user interface. With its more intuitive and logical organization we think you will find ImagePrint 9 to be the easiest to use version yet!

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