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Eric Meola’s New Book, Born to Run Revisited

photographs © Eric Meola 2012

When we got back on the road, the sky had gone black and the wind had come up. I photographed some more, including a shot of Bruce in front of the car, leaning on the hood—a long, thin, dusty dirt road going off in the distance behind him, disappearing over Battle Mountain. It began to rain and flashes of lightning filled the valley floor. It was one of those moments that stay with you to the grave. There was that strong, fresh smell of ozone after lightning has cleared the air, and the feel of moisture mixed with dry desert wind—something I had felt only once before.

– Eric

Born to Run Revisited by Eric Meola

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Focus On The User presents Pete Myers

March 12, 2012 3 comments

Pete Myers is one of the leading Master Fine Art Landscape Photographers of our time. He is 52-years old and resides in Santa Fe, NM with his wife, Kathy. Fine art photography has been his profession since 1994.

Myers is known for his compelling works of the American West, wherein he explores the very lands that shaped those that came west during the great migration spanning the last one hundred and fifty years. Unique in the entire world, it is the dream of these dreamers that shaped these lands. Their courage and vision for a better life may not have always prospered, but their legacy lives on in the beauty of what they left behind. The buildings, landscape, cars and artifacts remaining from their existence are a glimpse into their world and the courage of their convictions. Read more…

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Focus on the User: William Palank

William Palank blames his insatiable lust for travel on being born on a US Air Force Base in France. Soon after his birth, his father’s work schedule necessitated he obtain his first passport at the early age of two weeks. “From the way my father describes it (a US Fighter Pilot and Officer testing military Fighter Aircraft throughout Europe), my father, mother and myself would bum a ride to his next working location in the holds of Cargo Planes often being dropped off at the ends of runways where my father would have to flag down a military vehicle to take us to base housing.”

For William, showing up in exotic locations armed with his trusty Leica M9 and array of Leica Summilux lenses is beginning to feel as natural as driving to the supermarket for a carton of milk for this frequent traveler. “I would say my most recent big goof when traveling abroad came when I just arrived at Bangkok International Airport from Burma. I decided to book online a trip to Saigon, Vietnam through for five days. After waiting several hours for my flight, it was only when checking in my baggage that I realized you couldn’t get a tourist Visa at the airport in Vietnam. The very kind Air Asia employee said I could exchange the ticket for any other of their flights. I told him that if I remembered correctly, Phnom Penh, Cambodia would process the Visa in airport. He confirmed and booked me on a flight leaving in an hour. I didn’t even have time to book a hotel. It ended up being a great trip!”

Read more…

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Focus on the User: Joseph Gamble

April 27, 2011 Comments off

Welcome to our first installment of Focus on the User where we plan to showcase people using ImagePrint in their work.

Today we are proud to present Joseph Gamble and his exhibit “Farm Team”.  I was personally excited when I learned about this exhibit not only because of its proximity to our office and my hopes of being able to attend it but also for the subject matter.  It doesn’t seem that long ago (even though it was) that I resembled one of these hopeful young players.  These images capture the other part of the game that few get see. Read more…

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