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Real World Color Management

Digital printing (and especially color management) are complex subjects, and here at ColorByte we’re often asked for recommendations on where users can go to learn more. This blog gives us a great opportunity to┬ápass on any resources we find particularly helpful, so look for the occasional suggestion here.

To start it off, there’s no better or more respected book on the subject of Color Management than “Real World Color Management” by Fred Bunting, Chris Murphy and the late, great Bruce Fraser. Although last updated in 2005, it still offers the best, easiest to follow explanations on profiling and digital output. In fact, many consider this to be the “bible” of Color Management. Though some of the software and tools recommended in this book have changed, the underlying concepts are still as valid today as they were in 2005. Thorough, yet told in an easy to follow, humorous style, this is THE indispensable resource for those seeking to further their understanding of how color management works in the real world.